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Are you sick and tired of renting? If so, read on….

mobile home soluitions from Altliving.ie

Mobile Homes are a great way for young people starting out in life to save money for a deposit for their first mortgage.

Why waste your hard-earned cash paying the high rent’s that landlords are demanding? You can put your money into one of our quality mobile homes, a real help to buy!

Investing in a mobile home of your own gives you the advantage of being able to save at a pace that suits you without the pressure of having to worry about high rents. This will enable you to get your foot on the property ladder sooner.

All you need is an area as little as 12 x 4m & we’ll do the rest!

One of our experts can meet with you in person to assess the area where you are planning to locate your new home, this will also help us to make sure you get the best mobile home to suit your needs.

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