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About Atliving - How it Began

How it began - Mobile Homes from Altliving.ie

Why did we choose a Mobile Home?

We’re a family run business, a husband & wife team. Our idea for this business really stems from our own personal experience.  We like so many other young couples starting out in life struggled with the same problems of getting a mortgage and getting a home of our own. We found ourselves in a situation that is so common of paying huge rent, the usual utilities and having our daughter, it left us with very little every month for savings for that all-important deposit. After many months of sacrificing our social lives by staying in every weekend & cutting back on our little luxuries we still found ourselves being nowhere near where we needed to be financially.

We decided to invest what savings we had in a mobile home; we found a family member with space in their back garden. During the process of us purchasing a mobile home of our own we saw the uncertainties around our endeavours (trying to find a suitable mobile home in our budget, trying to arrange delivery and so on).

What we would’ve given then for a one stop shop to meet all our needs and the ones we didn’t know we had….

After taking the step and moving into the mobile home, we can honestly say it was the best decision for us at that time in our lives.

The financial freedom that came with this move enabled us to save and get back some of our social life! We lived in our mobile home the whole way through the process of construction of our home, this gave us a great peace of mind to be able to keep a close eye on the progress of the build.

When the build was complete, it was great to be able to sell on the mobile home. The money from the sale helped us to buy a few essentials for the house and the big telly we’d be eyeing up for a while!

Having gone through this process ourselves, we feel it gives us a real understanding of what you’re going through. We’re delighted to now be able to use the knowledge and experience of our own journey to help you go through this process as easily and stress free as possible.


Peter & Ev

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